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What People Say


Mary Catherine Paulus

We are so thankful for the amazing design work that Sha and Craig have done to transform and elevate the decor and ambiance of our home. When my husband and I bought our dream house a few years ago, we loved the layout and location, but I felt overwhelmed when it came to nailing the interior decor. Pinterest and Wayfair were NOT going to cut it, friends. Enter Sha and Craig with their magic wands, impeccable taste, and truckloads of patience. Needless to say, they have created a wonderful transformation in our home. Don't walk, RUN to hire this team!

Christine Brooks  

Love this place! And the people!! :) My husband and I had been in our new home for almost a full year and were still feeling like our house was not yet OUR home. We wanted a clean and cozy environment with our personal touches here and there - we just did not know where to start! It is so much fun to visualize and talk about what you want your home but putting that plan into an organized action can be a challenge! After seeing my friend's house that Sha Davari designed, I absolutely fell in love… seriously, go follow @ShaDavari on Instagram or on Facebook at ‘Art of Design, Sha Davari’ and check out their work! Sha and her team are so helpful, knowledgeable, organized, and super fun to work with! We have enjoyed getting to know them. They spend time getting to know you and listen to what your vision is, and then start working on putting your plan into action all within your budget. I would highly recommend Art of Design for your interior design needs! 

Lauren Thompson

It has been a pleasure working with Sha! She is fun, energetic and professional. I left my first meeting with her feeling much more at ease and excited about my new project. The paint colors she chose for our new home were exactly what I wanted and worked perfectly with the existing colors (trim, tile, flooring) in the home. She did a wonderful job of helping us use and place our existing furniture while finding new pieces we love. She stayed within our budget while helping us finding quality pieces that will last. She worked quickly and efficiently but never felt rushed. My new home is as comfortable, inviting and stylish as I had hoped, thanks to Sha. I look forward to working with her in the future!

Sheri Stone

My husband and I wanted to update our home from the gold, red and darker colors to the new fresh grays and creams and were a bit overwhelmed with the many choices and decisions that needed to be made. After meeting with Sha she completely put our minds at ease and provided us with professional input and ideas . She has many years of experience, great ideas and such an eye for what makes a room and a home flow harmoniously. She beautifully incorporated everything and transformed our home into a new fabulous living space. We had a challenging paint situation because we wanted to keep our existing trim color and Sha didn't stop until she found the perfect color for our walls. She is only content with her projects when she knows her clients are completely thrilled withe the end result.Besides the fact that she is a extremely talented designer her energetic and upbeat personality made the whole process a great experience.Thank you Sha!

Lauryn Smith

Sha has a great eye, beautiful decor, and a warm demeanor. Her store front offers a variety but my favorite pieces are clean, monochromatic, and classic--decor you'll enjoy for many years with flexibility for easy, inexpensive updates as desired. She has an abundance of affordable original artwork (one of the many things offered) to make your space unique. I have a background in design and can spot the true creative designers. Sha is among the best of the best with a willingness to convert your space into a haven you can't wait to enjoy! Highly recommended!

Jon Carnahan

Sha has worked in 2 of our homes and designed beautiful spaces, inside and out. Sha can always work within your budget and has a fabulous eye. She does a great job incorporating items you have or she can really knock out a room from nothing, as well!
We get many compliments on the rooms Sha has touched and we always seem to find another project for her in our home. Highly recommend!


I'm a real estate agent in LR. A client of mine was ready to put her house on the market, but needed some freshening up and rearranging before she opened her home to the public. Sha came in and spent a couple of hours. She was awesome, full of energy and excited to talk about ideas. She totally worked within my clients budget. The homeowner could not be more pleased with the outcome. Thanks, Sha! You have a serious talent for design!

Julie & Darrell

We worked with Sha on 2 different projects, and we highly recommend her!  In Jun-2015 Sha was able to translate our design request for a ‘modern/log cabin’ look for our living room/kitchen/dining area in our new home. With a few key pieces and wonderful attention to detail, she made it a reality. It was almost too easy. Redecorating should be painful & time consuming shouldn’t it?

Thanks so much Sha!!
In Sep-2015 We had Sha back to assist with the bedrooms this time. We had existing furniture, but challenged her with brightening up the rooms with color and key pieces. She did an awesome job. Sha comes over for a 1 hour visit to meet/greet, and then within a couple weeks she's back with all the key items on your list. Very efficient, and quick.

Juan Carlos Rico Crescencio

Sha has exceeded our expectations by far! We had moved from a 2 bed room apartment into a new 4 bedroom house and barely had any furniture, so we needed some help with the living room, patio and some of the bedrooms. Sha arranged our furniture and decor beautifully, much better we had ever expected. Each time she would arrange something, we were totally excited to come home and see the new changes. Most of the times we kept everything she had gotten for us, but even if we wanted to return something, it was never a problem. Sha is very reliable, works in a very timely manner and keeps the costs in the range we had discussed. We highly recommend her! Never thought it would be so easy and relaxing to decorate our home.


Sha has had the task of decorating our entire new house. She has done an excellent job and her incredible design style amazes me with every room she completes, taking care of every last detail. Sha is very easy to work with; she's fun and positive and truly enjoys her line of work. She wants to take care of her clients and make sure they absolutely love their space. My house is fabulous because of Sha Davari!

K. Ward

Sha began with us when staged our house for market ( it sold the first day!!) Then arranged our new home and provided custom drapes , mirrors , arrangements and the perfect accent pieces to capture our style. She is a genius and even recently overhauled my daughter's bedroom in about one hour!!! Truly gifted!!


We love working with Sha! She helped in our bedroom,nursery, and living room. She worked with our budget and made it look great!


Sha has been my interior decorator for 2 years now, and my family and I love her. My kitchen, living room, and master bedroom are beautiful showrooms because of Sha. Anyone who has ever worked with Sha would agree that she is very professional, helpful and brilliant with her design ideas. Her ability to execute any design challenge is phenomenal. She is fair, trustworthy, and very strong. Don't let her body frame fool you she may look small, but she carries with her at all times a huge tool bag and a tall ladder and knows how to use them! Recently my husband and I had to take a business trip during a four day floor remodel in our home and Sha made sure to oversee the whole remodel while we were gone. We were never presented with any bad news and when we returned back home we were blown away with satisfaction! She is absolutely passionate at what she does and truly cares about your home as if it were her own. You cannot go wrong with Sha, you'll love her! The only downfall with Sha is, your kids will love her so much they wont let you decorate anymore without her!

Donna Waldrop

Sha has helped me decorate two homes over the last 6 or 7 years and I just love working with her. She's absolutely wonderful. She's so much fun and she has an amazing sense of style. She easily incorporated items we used in the first project (a French Tudor in the city) into our new home (retirement home on the lake) without compromising the look we were going for. Our new home is so beautiful and relaxing. I'm so happy with the result. Just wish I had another home to do with Sha's help.


...Extremely creative and hard-working.
This perfectly coiffed individual came into our home, filled with kids and dogs, and created rooms that were the ideal backdrop for our busy but rusticly artistic lives - and did it on a very limited budget.
Sha is an innovator in home design - who carries her own tool box, is not afraid of heavy lifting (she's got the abs to prove it) and works tirelessly to achieve the perfect result.


We first hired Art of Design in 2004, and Sha has designed for our family for 10 years on multiple projects. Sha is definitely an expert and can create the perfect look no matter how big or small the project. Sha has worked with our architects and builders to design and decorate perfect spaces for our family. Sha takes time to get to know our tastes and style so whenever she designs for us, it is perfectly and uniquely suited for us. Sha also decorates our home every Christmas. Every year, I look forward to her coming to bring fabulous holiday cheer to our home.

Peggy Fletcher

After building a new home, it was time to update the design and furnishings - I struck gold with Sha! I read many reviews and followed several designers on social media, but I always came back to Sha. I immediately felt ease with her team. They listened to my desires and gently steered me where we needed to go. They created beautiful yet comfortable spaces in my home that complimented the architecture and highlighted the flow. I wouldn't call anyone else for future design needs.

Sarah Hays

Sha and her team are the best! She has done lots of projects for my husband and I, in our home and business. She and her team are very professional and easy to work with. She has a great eye for detail and everything she has done for us has turned out Amazing! No project is too big or small and her mix of fabrics, colors and textures really brings a room together. Highly recommend Sha and her Art of Design Team.

Michelle Miller

I love Art of Design! They are so easy to work with. Sha’s style is impeccable and the prices at the store are very reasonable. The store offers something for every taste and follows thru with every promise made. Go there!


My husband and I recently moved from our very traditional home to our newly built larger contemporary home. This home is completely different then our older home and we really needed some help, especially in the open living-kitchen area. We had furnishings we wanted to use, but we also wanted to purchase new, updated pieces. We were excited about the change, but apprehensive about how to make it all happen and look cohesive.
My worries vanished after meeting and talking to Sha. Sha listened to my vision, and then she went to work. She took everything I said to heart and knocked it out of the park. Her ideas for the area were amazing!
The area turned out better than I could have dreamed, it is just stunning! Sha has been so patience and sweet with us. She is very easy to work with and great about keeping within the budget. She did such a great job that we have asked her to help with our office, master bedroom, and dining room. We look forward to working with her on the other projects and would highly recommend her to anyone. You will not regret it!

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