Modern Homes Need Modern Interior Designing Solutions  

Contemporary Interior Designing in Little Rock and Maumelle AR

Whether you are looking to recreate your old home or design your new home from scrath, contemporary interior design can be the answer for you. This modern home styling technique perfectly blends with your lifestyle and taste, giving you an aesthetically timeless home.


Let Art of Design- Sha Davari be your go-to for customized interior designing. We know when to go all out and when to keep it simple. Our tastes never displease the eye!


So, you want to do away with all those loud colors, bold prints, and an overly populated room? We’ve got you covered! With over 20 years of experience in home decor, we can give your home a sophisticated lavish look avoiding the fussy prints you want to steer clear of.


Seasons and designing trends come and go but with contemporary decor, we assure you that your home will never go out of style.

Show us your home, and we’ll design the perfect space based on the architectural details, your preferences, and our sense of style. We’ll do what we do best! We work with every room, like passionate artists with their canvas, to create a masterpiece we are proud of and the dream home you desire.


If you’re all about that minimalistic lifestyle, we know how to make the interiors work best in your favor. Less is always more when it comes to decor elements and upholstery with modern interiors.


We’ll give you simplicity with a geometric touch combined with the comfort and warmth you crave from your living space. Your home must accentuate your personality and we strive to do just that.


We’re not just about designing the perfect home, but about designing a home that perfectly fits you! Let us help you turn your home into the home of your dreams!