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How to Use Enterprise Architect 9.3 for Model Driven Success

How to Use Enterprise Architect 9.3 for Model Driven Success

Enterprise Architect 9.3 is a powerful and versatile tool for designing, managing, planning and estimating complex systems and software projects. Whether you are working with UML, BPMN, SysML, ArchiMate or other modeling languages, Enterprise Architect 9.3 can help you create and communicate your vision with clarity and precision.

In this article, we will show you some of the key features and benefits of Enterprise Architect 9.3 that can boost your productivity and quality of work.

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Visualize Complex Relationships Across Multiple Diagrams

One of the challenges of working with large and complex models is to keep track of the dependencies and interactions between different elements and diagrams. Enterprise Architect 9.3 makes this easier by allowing you to display multiple diagrams and model views on-screen at the same time, using floating and dockable views. You can easily move or copy elements between open diagrams, compare and review searches and reference model data without having to switch between tabs or windows.

You can also create and share custom menus to improve your workflow and access the commands you need faster. You can suppress individual menu items or entire categories of commands to create custom menu layouts that suit your needs and preferences. You can use the Interface Customization Wizard to quickly and easily set up Enterprise Architect 9.3 just the way you like it.

Analyze and Debug Systems with Enhanced Testpoint Capabilities

Enterprise Architect 9.3 enables you to simulate and test your systems using Testpoints, which are special breakpoints that allow you to execute code snippets or evaluate expressions when debugging. You can use Testpoints to inspect the state of variables, objects, parameters or return values, as well as to modify them at run-time.

You can also generate sequence diagrams from your code execution, showing the interaction between multiple instances of a class. This can help you understand and debug complex code more easily. You can create object diagrams to document the state and relationship between run-time objects, allowing you to reference them later.

Enterprise Architect 9.3 also supports advanced testing features such as multiple invariants for classes, line conditions for operations, multiple pre and post conditions for operations, test cuts and test suites.

Develop Open, Scalable Architectures using ArchiMate 2

Enterprise Architect 9.3 supports ArchiMate 2, an open and independent modeling language for enterprise architecture that is aligned with TOGAF. ArchiMate 2 allows you to describe, analyze and visualize the relationships among business domains in an unambiguous way.

You can use Enterprise Architect 9.3 to create ArchiMate 2 diagrams that cover the business layer, application layer, technology layer, motivation extension and implementation and migration extension. You can also use the ArchiMate 2 MDG Technology to define profiles, patterns, toolboxes, quicklinkers and validation rules for your ArchiMate 2 models.

Capture, Visualize and Document the Run-State and Relationships of Objects during Program Execution

Enterprise Architect 9.3 allows you to capture the run-state and relationships of objects during program execution using Object Workbench. Object Workbench is a feature that lets you create object diagrams from live objects in memory while debugging your code.

You can use Object Workbench to inspect the values of attributes and properties of objects, as well as their associations with other objects. You can also modify the values of attributes and properties at run-time using Testpoints. You can save the object diagrams as part of your model documentation or export them as images.


Enterprise Architect 9.3 is a comprehensive solution for model driven success that offers many features and benefits for system designers, developers, testers and stakeholders. You can download a free trial version of Enterprise Architect 9.3 from the official website[^1^] or buy a license online. 0efd9a6b88


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